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NDT Metal Finishing begins operations in 2008, We think it’s important to take a few minutes out of our busy day, and thank all of you who made this happen. When we started NDT Metal Finishing we had a vision of creating a company that truly focuses on customer satisfaction. We know that this phrase is used a lot in today’s manufacturing and processing companies, but we really wanted to make this the only priority at NDT Metal Finishing. In order to do so, we needed to be very selective of our Employees as well as our Customers. We needed to choose our Customers based on their products and our Employee strength’s, actually turning down business because the right combination just wasn’t there. Combine this unique strategy with state of the art equipment and software and the attitude of “Do the right thing” we are able to process most orders in hours, where as other companies can take days if not weeks. By managing our Companies growth, it’s easier to keep our focus on you, the customer, rather than always focusing on the profit margin. So with all that being said, each and every one of us at NDT Metal Finishing would like to say thank you. Thank you for loyalty and thank you for trusting us to “Do the right thing”. We look forward to serving you in the many years to come. Thank You, The NDT Metal Finishing Team